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What To Know About European Metal Stamping in 2018

Dozens of industries use stamped metal parts for machining and tooling. Ordering the dies, feeds and other stamped metal components you need is easier when you know a few important facts. Here’s what stamping experts want you to know when you’re ready to order any stamped metal parts.

What Is Metal Stamping?

Stamping also called pressing, utilizes a variety of methods to form sheet metal into desired components of pieces. The various processes include sheet metal stamping with a stamping press, punching with a machine press, blanking, embossing, bending, flanging and coining. In some cases, stamping is a one-step process. In others, it takes a series of steps to create the finished product.

Choosing a Stamping Company

When you need parts for manufacturing and manufacturing equipment, you may choose to work directly with a stamping company. Choosing the right metal fabrication company can cut your manufacturing costs and improve your productivity and the quality of your products. Whether you need to die components, servo feeds, air feeds or conveyors, you’ll find that working directly with a stamping company allows you to customize processes and gives you the flexibility you need to keep up with your production requirements. Here’s what to look for to ensure that you’re working with the best stamping experts for your needs.

Company History

As with any industry, the longer a company has been in business, the more likely it is that they do good work and provide excellent customer service. Newer companies are not necessarily a poorer choice, but a stamping company that isn’t providing good service and high-quality products won’t last long. When you’re searching for the right die maker or metal stamper for your needs, look for companies that have been in business for at least five to ten years.


Do you only need standard parts, or will your company benefit from being able to customize parts and modify orders as you make modifications to your designs? If so, find a company that makes it easy for you to work in collaboration with them.


Can the robotic welding services company you’re considering scale up or down depending on the volume you’ll need? If you’re working with the right company, they’ll be able to meet your needs at a reasonable cost whether you need 50 parts or 500,000. You don’t want to have to find another company to meet your cooling needs if your business increases or you need a smaller order for specialty parts.

Collaboration and Communication

One of the most important aspects of working with a stamping company is their designers’ expertise. From servo feeds and air feeds to custom-engineered parts for coil handling and material handling equipment, the advice and collaboration of stamping experts can make the difference between the success and failure of your project. Choose to work with a company that makes it easy for you to communicate and collaborate, and that provides you with a quality assurance process that guarantees your satisfaction on an ongoing basis.

Your finished product is only as good as the components that go together to make it. Working with real stamping experts is vital to making sure those parts live up to your reputation.

Ways to Address the Shortcomings of metal Stamping

The background

In the engineering and manufacturing sector, stamping has been conventional the chosen part forming process. Stamping entails the use of various processes such as punching, embossing, bending, flanging, and so on. These processes are typically carried out on sheet metal using a stamping press or machine press.

As various industries evolved, the need for more complex and cost-effective forming processes became evident. With this, certain disadvantages about stamping came to the fore. Though traditionally popular, the stamping process has certain drawbacks that just cannot be ignored by a new-age business. This article elucidates the shortcomings of traditional stamping methods and other forming methods that can be employed as suitable substitutes.

The drawbacks of metal stamping

Here are some of the commonly known drawbacks associated with the stamping method:


The various pre-production and tooling costs related to stamping are high. These costs ultimately add to the cost-per-part. In many cases, this high initial investment is uncalled for. However, since businesses aren’t aware of other options they often agree to spend more than what is required


Custom tools usually need to be created before the stamping process can begin. This not only adds to the initial investment, but it also means that even the most minor change in design cannot be accommodated.

Production volumes

While there is little doubt about the fact that robotic welding proves economical in large volume production runs, it is rather unsuitable for smaller production runs. The high initial tooling investment is the main reason for this.

Lead times

From design to tooling to production, the lead times taken for the stamping process are often long. Thus, if one has a super rush order and cannot afford to waste precious time, they would want to rethink about choosing to stamp as an option.

So, what are the alternatives?

Metal spinning and sheet hydroforming are the definitive alternatives to the traditional stamping process. These processes can mitigate almost all of the drawbacks relating to tooling costs, production runs, and part quality that are associated with the stamping process. Hydroforming is a technique of shaping a metal using a highly pressurized fluid. This method is preferred for parts that have complex contours, yet need to maintain their structural integrity. Metal spinning–also referred to as spin forming–entails shaping a metal disk into an axially symmetrical part on a high-speed spinning lathe.

Both of these methods can be successfully used for forming high-quality metal parts from various metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, and even brass. These metal forming services should ideally be availed from qualified firms with an established portfolio in providing alternatives to the stamping process.


The exactness stamping supplier’s capacity to accomplish certain running velocities is the seventh variable that ought to be considered. An …

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Consumers Get in Touch With New Technology

Despite that you are or where you are, you are most likely feeling the development of touchscreen technology. Today, constant fliers often enter flight information using self-serve booths as well as soar via airport check-in, avoiding the or else lengthy lines. Hectic mothers may utilize vehicle touchscreen systems to locate directions, control air temperature level and more. And also businessmen who call for interaction accessibility in any way times buy innovative communication tools to stay in touch.

Whether it’s used by people visiting the ATM to get some fast revenue or casting a vote, touchscreen innovation is taking off, converting day-to-day activities right into quick and convenient encounters.

The innovation appeals to all ages and also in a selection of industries. Retail department store distributors are using touchscreen as a brand-new advertising and marketing strategy to involve consumers while providing item info at the touch of a finger.

Various plaything producers are benefiting from touch modern technology to give entertaining as well as educational playthings for kids that are too young to have created the electric motor abilities needed for a routine computer system.

The dining establishment market additionally is seeing the advantages of touch-integrated point-of-sale systems to improve order-processing time. User friendly touchscreen gadgets make it possible for servers to get in food orders faster and a lot more precisely, improving the general dining experience.

Tableside units in restaurants offer clients with a variety of home entertainment and details options, such as playing computer game or surfing the Internet.

Various other markets accepting touchscreen technology include automobile (automobile rental details portals, GPS systems), industrial (Atm machines, gas station service pumps) as well as medical (outpatient details kiosks).

Responsive consumers and falling costs have actually allowed touch technology to disperse its reach across a vast array of markets. Therefore, it is making strong invasions as a main way for consumers to obtain even more “in touch” with items, services as well as info.…

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The Advantages of Outsourcing Information Technology

Around the world of software companies, you will certainly should produce a lot of various software application to your customers. The software program your firm develops can be for large organizations, such as financial institutions, banks, airline companies, and federal government bodies. As a result of this, you will require a great deal of capital as well as a lot of manpower to manage the growing requirements for various software applications for your company.

This is why information technology software program companies in industrialized nations, such as United States, Canada, as well as nations in Europe are currently taking into consideration outsourcing their infotech in establishing countries, such as China, Philippines as well as India to decrease prices and also remain competitive in the infotech market.

As an entrepreneur, you would intend to most definitely continue to be affordable in this market. You wish to satisfy even more customers in order to keep those IT software program orders coming and allow your firm expand. When you outsource IT, you will certainly be making big savings in regards to salary as well as other costs that your business could give your workers.

By contracting out, you will only have to worry about the contract and also the settlement that you will certainly be providing the outsourcing company in various other countries, which can be much cheaper than doing it in-house.

A lot of IT works that are often outsourced are creating software program in.Net, data source remedies, smartcard remedy, Java/J2EE, and wireless application growths. You need to take into consideration that producing software application for these points will certainly require you to spend a great deal of money and also workforce if you do it in-house. When you outsource it, the modern technology and workforce is easily available.

You have to consider that there are numerous talented information technology experts in these creating nations. Also, they bill far less compared to equally qualified experts in well-developed nations. For example, aim to envision that you require a software as well as you allow a person in your IT department product the program. The person you worked with charges 1000 dollars for the job. Nevertheless, when you outsourced it, you will certainly see that a similarly qualified expert did the exact same software application product with the exact same top quality as well as they did it for just 100 bucks. Currently, try to envision that you need a hundred of that software application. You will certainly see that you will conserve a lot even more money if you outsource it as opposed to obtain it done in-house not to mention the company benefits that you will certainly give, such as insurance policy.

These are the benefits of outsourcing IT to various other companies. By outsourcing, you will not just conserve a great deal of money, however you will likewise get equivalent high quality of IT software program because there are a great deal of skilled as well as qualified specialists offered in those nations. They will bill you far less on every IT task done instead of doing it internal.

Because of the cost savings, you will be able to allow your firm expand. And, because of the high quality of job, you will certainly additionally draw in more customers to employ your firm to do the software they want.

An additional great feature of outsourcing IT is that you could outsource all the little tasks your business has and allow your company focus on bigger jobs. This implies that you will be able to efficiently manage your business’s top priorities with outsourcing. With outsourcing, you will be able to conserve a great deal of cash, prioritize your business’s objective as well as obtain quality IT software products.…

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European Tech Is:

European Tech - top of the worldWhat is European Tech you may ask?

Well, European Technology is: An independent blog working towards improving your knowledge of the growing European Tech market.

  • An independent blog working towards improving your knowledge of the growing European Tech market.
  • A Blog where I can air out my dirty laundry with the frustrating world of living on 220 current coming from a 110 background.
  • A forum for those who are looking for a place to ask questions about their electronics and technology problems in Europe.
  • Is your phone broken? This is a place to decide if it’s worth fixing, having it fixed or is it time to replace the outdated piece of information technology.

I have an uncle who worked for many years for Siemens in the British Isles and before and after that he was an engineer for Siemens in the US. While the tech that Siemens produces is not necessarily what most would consider a tech company these days, it seems that technology is more about programming these days then about physical engineering. Siemens, a German-based company, grew out of a telegraph automating system designed by the Siemens family who began building an infrastructure that spanned from the British Isles to the cold regions of Russia (an area rivaling that of the United States).

Siemens is one of thousands of tech companies that now hold a large portion of the world market with regards to technology and have come from Europe. has a great article illuminating the American and global mind to the presence of European technology.

Consider these European Technology Companies:

  • Yandex
  • Nokia
  • Opera Software
  • Criteo
  • AVG Technologies
  • Spotify
  • Deezer
  • Skype
  • SoundCloud
  • Dailymotion
  • Teambox
  • Wix
  • Leapfrog

These are just a few of many very successful tech companies. Vodafone, is one that has carved out a very large niche in the European telecommunications market. They have their finger on the pulse of many other developing technology companies. It might be good for you to consider the cultures out of which solid engineering have grown and inspect the growth of the US markets. One will find that all areas of technological strength grew out of countries that had strong engineers and scientists given to the study of physics and chemistry. Let us not forget this and be thankful for the influence that European Tech has had on the American Tech world.…

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